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Steps to Become an AWFC Foster Parent


The Process:

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Step One: 

Let's Talk!

When you first contact one of our offices, a staff member will answer your questions about being a foster parent. If you’re interested in taking the next step, we will get your basic contact information and send you a packet of information and forms. Once you have received the forms please fill them out and return them to us.

Step Three:

Getting to Know You

We want to get to know you better and the home assessment is our first opportunity to visit with you in your home. We will evaluate the home environment in which you will be caring for children.

Step Five:

Family Home Study

A caseworker will visit you in your home. The purpose is to discuss your personal history, family interests and lifestyle, childcare experiences, the types of children you feel would best fit in your home, and your strengths and skills in meeting the children’s needs. The home study is used in assessing the home for children’s safety and available space. All homes must meet standards enumerated in the Minimum Standards and Guidelines for Child-Placing Agencies.

Step Two:


You will be invited to an orientation, where you will meet with other interested families and learn more about what it will mean for you to be a foster parent. Questions are welcomed. If needed, a staff person will come to your home and meet with you individually to answer your questions and provide information. If you have not yet acquired an application you will receive one at that time. A World For Children provides foster/adopt services to every region of Texas.

Step Four:

Pre-Service Training

Each potential foster parent must complete the AWFC Pre-Service Training Program to become certified with our agency. Our Pre-Service Training is a combination of AWFC webinars, DFPS online courses and an in-person CPR/First Aid class. Our goal for our Pre-Service Program is to ensure participants have the information they need to not only make the decision to become a foster parent, but to provide them with the skills they will need on their foster parent journey. Each class offered through AWFC and DFPS is completely free to participants. It also should be noted that once a foster parent is licensed, there are annual training requirements; these courses are administered via webinar and online as well. All courses are offered monthly or every other month.

Step Six:

Licensing and Child Placement

During the licensing process all documents will be reviewed to determine whether to certify or license you as a foster parent. You will then receive your certification listing the services your home is verified to provide. Once you have the appropriate license, A World For Children can match you with a child. You are now ready to provide a child or children in foster care with a safe and loving home!

Transfer Families-

AWFC encourages families to first speak with their current agency and attempt to work out any issues they are having prior to inquiring with us. Families that are still interested in transferring from another child placing agency will be required to complete AWFC paperwork and background checks, some AWFC trainings, as well as an updated home study. If you are interested in transferring, please make sure you have first contacted the agency you are currently working with to let them know you are considering transferring to AWFC and that we will be contacting them. 

At AWFC, we champion a "Trauma-Informed, Strengths Based, Stages of Development, Family System Model." This translates to our philosophy of wanting to find the perfect family for a child using this best practice approach, and getting to know the child dynamics through the fostering process. We are here to help each of our families with case management services, wraparound services and community services. 

The fostering and foster to adopt process can feel overwhelming at first, but AWFC is equipped to get you through the process in an efficient and quick manner and support you in order for it to go smoothly. 

Interested in Private Adoption? Please visit our sister site Texas Adoption Center 

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