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"Changing the child at a time."

These words aren’t just our motto; these are the words our staff and foster parents live by. Every minute of every day, Texas children fall victim at the hands of their parents. They are abused, neglected, and mistreated in ways that the general public cannot begin to imagine. The children enter the doors of A World For Children foster homes with terror, uncertainty, physical scars, and emotional trauma. A World For Children’s foster parents, along with the 24-hour support of A World For Children’s staff, spend every day changing uncertainty into undying stability, mending physical injuries, and providing in-depth treatment for emotional trauma.


A World For Children leadership team

Our Story

A World for Children was founded in April of 1997, in a small office in Round Rock, Texas. The founders, Paul and Sharon Willis and Rebecca Allen, shared a dream to make a better world for God's children. That humble dream unfolded into a foster care agency that currently spans the entire state. Currently, we serve children in foster homes in the following cities: Amarillo, Brownwood, Corpus Christi, Dallas, El Paso, Houston, McAllen, Round Rock, San Antonio, Tyler, Victoria and Wichita Falls. With this extensive reach, foster parents in all areas of Texas have an office close to their home that can provide any ongoing and thorough support and guidance that they may need.


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