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Happy children

These words aren’t just our motto; these are the words our staff and foster parents live by. Every minute of every day, Texas children fall victim at the hands of their parents. They are abused, neglected, and mistreated in ways that the general public cannot begin to imagine. The children enter the doors of A World For Children foster homes with terror, uncertainty, physical scars, and emotional trauma. A World For Children’s foster parents, along with the 24-hour support of A World For Children’s staff, spend every day changing uncertainty into undying stability, mending physical injuries, and providing in-depth treatment for emotional trauma.

child holding parent's hand

Fostering is a challenging and incredibly rewarding experience. Our Foster Parents specialize in providing a strong commitment to serving basic and therapeutic needs of children in care as well as providing appropriate supervision to ensure a child’s well-being. Working as an integral part of the treatment team, Foster Parents ensure individual treatments plans are addressed, and provide safe, nurturing, and loving environments. Along the way, Foster Parents communicate with all professionals servicing the child to ensure appropriate treatment at all times. Find out more about Foster Parenting, Foster to Adopt care, and the next steps to take.

"The heart of A World For Children is the people…the children we serve, the foster families we serve, and our staff.  We take the term “services industry” to a new level.  Every party we have, office we decorate, camp we put on, conference we host, we have one thing in mind….how can we make this the biggest and the best ever?  Why?  Because we believe that we owe it to our children and the families that serve them to make every memory a cherished one.  We realize that we may only have a child for one day, and, in that day, we want to make magic happen for them.  Our agency is dedicated to making magic in the lives of all of those with whom we come in contact.  That is what makes this agency’s heartbeat."  –Ashleigh Wilkes, AWFC Executive Director

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