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Texas Foster Care

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit agency, A World For Children contracts with and is licensed by the State of Texas to provide foster and foster-to-adopt services for abused and neglected children across the State. Our agency began in 1997 with a single office in Round Rock. Today, while our corporate office remains in Round Rock, A World For Children is now represented across the State, with 13 offices in the following locations: Amarillo, Brownsville, Brownwood, Corpus Christi, Dallas, El Paso, Houston, McAllen, Round Rock, San Antonio, Tyler, Victoria and Wichita Falls. Our extensive reach allows foster parents in all areas of the State to have an office close to their home to provide any support they may need.

At A World For Children, we pride ourselves on being more than simply a corporation—we’re one big extended family.


Texas Foster Care: Keeping Texas Kids In-State

The recent pandemic has exacerbated an existing foster-parent crisis in Texas. There simply aren’t enough foster families to place every child. Becoming a foster parent in Texas is an extremely rewarding experience. When you decide to foster or donate, you’re helping keep Texas children in Texas. This means less displacement of adoptable children, and foster children are usually closer to their biological families. Reach out to learn how you can help keep Texas foster children in-state.

Adopt from Texas Foster Care

A World For Children helps countless children through life’s struggles, and one such struggle is having no parents to call their own. If you are interested in adopting a child, please visit our Adoption page.

Foster Care in Texas

Fostering is a challenging and incredibly rewarding experience. Our Foster Parents specialize in providing a strong commitment to serving basic and therapeutic needs of children in care as well as providing appropriate supervision to ensure a child’s well-being. Working as an integral part of the treatment team, Foster Parents ensure individual treatments plans are addressed, and provide safe, nurturing, and loving environments. Along the way, Foster Parents communicate with all professionals servicing the child to ensure appropriate treatment at all times. Find out more about Foster Parenting, its requirements, and the next steps to take.


A World for Children (“AWFC”) is partnering with members of the communities we serve to “bridge the gap” for our children. When children enter our care, they come from the worst possible circumstances. Our responsibility is to ensure that these children do not experience the feeling of being “less than” or “left out.” They do not have to be the adults and parents of their households anymore. They can, instead, just enjoy being a kid and all the magic that comes with that. Through the program, “Bridging the Gap,” we clean their hair and bodies, clothe them, and get them ready to begin a new, healthy life. If you’d like to help out, please visit our Donation page.

Texas Foster Care Locations

With 14 locations across Texas, we can support foster families throughout the Lone Star state. Our offices offer access to foster care education and training both online and in person. See below for more information about all our locations.

Round Rock Foster Care

Located in the suburbs of Austin, our headquarters’ case management team is always working to assist the Round Rock area foster network.

Amarillo Foster Care

Our office in the Texas Panhandle can guide you step-by-step through the adoption and fostering process.

Brownwood Foster Care

The Brownwood Foster Care office’s Regional Director, Carey, and Foster Family Specialist, Yvonne, are ready to assist you in your fostering process.

Brownsville Foster Care

The Brownsville Foster Care is located right on the border near the South Padre islands and serves the region’s foster families..

Burleson Foster Care

A World For Children’s newest office is ready to support families in the Fort Worth/Dallas areas.

Corpus Christi Foster Care

The Corpus Christi Foster Care office’s Area Director, Kristal, is ready to assist you in your fostering process.

Dallas Foster Care

Learn about the Foster-to-Adopt Process by calling the Dallas Foster Care office today.

El Paso Foster Care

The El Paso Foster Care office’s Area Director, Pricilla, and Treatment Director, Gilbert, are ready to assist you in your fostering process.

Houston Foster Care

A World For Children in Houston is a Christian, state-licensed, non-profit foster care agency dedicated to meeting the needs of the entire family.

Mcallen Foster Care

The Mcallen Foster Care office’s Regional Director, Maricela, is ready to assist you in your fostering process.

San Antonio Foster Care

Operating since 2005, the San Antonio Foster Care office uses its extensive knowledge to ease the process of fostering.

Tyler Foster Care

The Tyler Foster Care office is known for having the same foster families in their network for 15+ years.

Victoria Foster Care

Equidistance from San Antonio and Houston, the Victoria Foster Care office is open to assist all rural and suburban communities in the area.

Wichita Falls Foster Care

The Wichita Falls Foster Care office’s Area Director, Ashley, and Community Developer, Samantha, are ready to answer your questions.

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