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“A World For Children foster parents are the heart of ‘our world’. Each family is hand picked by God to serve His special children. Our families are so special – they rock a child in the middle of the night until the night terrors pass; they hold a child close and kiss away the tears; they create a gleam in the eyes of children who have lost their sparkle; they bring laughter to broken hearts; they open their homes and hearts to broken, battered children; they turn rain and a cloudy sky into a rainbow. Truly, A World For Children foster parents are treasures that we hold very dear.”

– Sharon Willis, Ed. D., Founder

WHY A World For Children?

A World For Children believes that we must go above and beyond to meet not only the essential needs of children but also to provide wrap-around support for foster families and extra programs for our foster children.  We want the children that we serve to be able to experience the magic of childhood – we provide themed Christmas parties, a trip to an amusement park, back to school adventures, money upon placement for their needs, as well as other functions throughout the year.  Additionally, we ensure that we are available to foster parents 24/7, as we understand that in order for our foster children to succeed, we must grow, develop, and support the foster families that are caring for them.  Our staff is caring and views their job as not just a way to pay bills but as their ministry. At AWFC, we license and support foster homes, foster to adopt homes, therapeutic foster homes as well as primary medical needs foster homes. 


We are not a corporation or just an agency; we are a family and want every family member to feel loved and important.


"We  have never had [an agency] that cares about people as much as AWFC. You always know you have someone in your corner. Someone who answers the phone day or night, helps make this process easier in every way they can, and is there for every  issue  that comes up along the way. I LOVE AWFC! They are the best!!!"


-Madison C., Amarillo Foster Parent

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