Foster Care

Fostering is a challenging and incredibly rewarding experience. Our Foster Parents specialize in providing a strong commitment to serving basic and therapeutic needs of children in care as well as providing appropriate supervision to ensure a child’s well-being. Working as an integral part of the treatment team, Foster Parents ensure individual treatments plans are addressed, and provide safe, nurturing, and loving environments. Along the way, Foster Parents communicate with all professionals servicing the child to ensure appropriate treatment at all times. Find out more about Foster Parenting, its requirements, and the next steps to take.

Foster Adoption

A World For Children helps countless children through life’s struggles, and one such struggle is having no parents to call their own. If you are interested in adopting a child, please visit our Adoption page.

Supervised Visitation

In a foster care situation, maintaining contact between the child and the biological family is very important.  This is a role Child Protective Services has traditionally performed.  However, the State is awarding contracts for CPA’s to facilitate these visits.  In 2016, AWFC was awarded this contract in the Brownwood and Wichita Falls areas.  Ronda Harth and Samantha Taggart have created a successful program in these two areas and the program has positively impacted the relationships between parents and children and between bio parents and foster parents… win, win, win!

Private Adoptions

A teen or woman learns she is pregnant.  This can be the greatest news ever OR panic time. Those in the panic mode are concerned about the welfare of their baby.  In a mindset of what is in the baby’s best interest, some choose to place their soon to be born baby with an adoption agency who seeks out families who want to adopt.  The birth mom review information on families and chooses the one she feels is the best adoption match. Texas Adoption Center was developed by A World For Children to serve communities across the state.

Bridging The Gap

A World for Children is partnering with members of the communities we serve to “bridge the gap” for our children. When children enter our care, they come from the worst possible circumstances. Our responsibility is to ensure that these children do not experience the feeling of being “less than” or “left out.” They do not have to be the adults and parents of their households anymore. They can, instead, just enjoy being a kid and all the magic that comes with that. Through the program, “Bridging the Gap,” we clean their hair and bodies, clothe them, and get them ready to begin a new, healthy life.

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