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I’m a social worker passionate about child welfare. I’ve worked for several treatment centers and child placing agencies since I began my career over 12 years ago. It was clear from the moment I started with A World for Children that they are an outlier—a special organization unlike any other. The way AWFC treats and advocates for children in their care is completely different from other agencies. The “perks” they offer children throughout the year are beyond compare—LAUNCH camp and their famous Christmas parties, to name a few. Foster parents are revered for all they do, and honored every Friday through AWFC’s all staff “Friday Feats”. The staff, who do amazing work every day with children and families, are cherished as well. AWFC loves their employees and regularly lets them know through handwritten cards, “gift” days-a-plenty, and lots of love and support in a family environment.  I’m so proud to work for AWFC.   

– Caitlin Phillips, Director of Texas Adoption Program

AWFC is my “familia”! Over the years, AWFC has continued to show love, support and guidance to us all. God has blessed all of us with wonderful administrators that guide us daily to provide the very best care for our children and families!! I am truly blessed to be part of this amazing family!! May God continue to bless AWFC!

– Maricela Medrano, LCSW, AWFC Regional Director

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