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Common Types of Foster Care And Where Your Family Fits In

At some point in our lives, many of us feel a strong desire to make the world better for children. Fostering kids is one way we can do that — but where do you begin? There are different types of foster care, and understanding the types will help you decide which route is best for your family. Here’s an overview of types of foster care and how to get involved.


What is Foster Care?

Foster care is a type of alternative family living arrangement for children who are unable to live with their biological parents. In foster care, the primary goal is to provide a safe and nurturing home environment where the child can develop into an independent adult. Foster families work closely with social workers and other professionals to ensure that the child in their care is receiving all the resources they need to thrive.

For the foster family, the benefits of entering the foster care system are numerous. It offers a chance to give back to the community and make a difference in the life of a child, as well as provide financial support and guidance. Ultimately, it’s rewarding to know that you are helping a child become successful and preparing them for a bright future.

Is Foster Care Similar To Adoption?

Though foster care and adoption are both types of family living arrangements, they are distinctly different. Adoption is a lifelong commitment to a child, while foster care can be a temporary arrangement. When children are placed in foster care, they may remain in the family for months or years until a permanent home can be found.

Types of Foster Care

Depending on the types of services available near you, there are several different ways your family can get involved with foster care. Some common options include:

Emergency Foster Care

Emergency foster care is designed to provide short-term, immediate care for children who unexpectedly find themselves in need of a safe and stable home. This type of foster care typically lasts anywhere from one day up to two months, during which time the child receives basic necessities such as food, clothing, and other resources to help them.

Traditional Foster Care

This type of foster care is the most common form offered by state or county agencies. Traditional foster care usually involves providing long-term temporary placement for children while they wait to be reunited with their families or adopted into a permanent home. A World For Children is a traditional foster care provider that offers families an array of resources such as home visits, training, and more.

Kin-to-Kin Foster Care

Also known as family foster care, kin-to-kin foster care is when a child is placed with a relative or family friend who can provide a safe and secure home. This type of arrangement helps keep the child connected to their own culture and heritage while providing the stability that comes from having an extended support system close by.

Therapeutic Foster Care

This type of foster care offers specialized services for children who have experienced trauma or have special needs such as mental health issues, medical complications, developmental disabilities, etc. Therapeutic foster parents receive additional training and resources to better understand how to best meet the child’s unique needs.

Where Does Your Family Fit In?

Foster care can be a fulfilling and rewarding experience for the whole family. It’s important to do your research, understand the types of foster care available in your area, and decide which type best fits your family’s lifestyle and availability. You may find that one or more types of foster care are a great fit for you!

Some factors to consider in determining the type of foster care that will work for your family include:

  • Your availability and schedule
  • Your willingness to commit long-term or short-term
  • The types of resources/support available in your area
  • The types of services that best meet the needs of the child you’re considering fostering

No matter what type of foster care you choose to pursue, remember that the most important thing is creating a safe, secure, and loving home environment for the child in your care. With patience, understanding, and plenty of support from professionals — such as those at A World For Children — you can make a real difference in someone’s life.

A World For Children is a traditional foster care provider that is committed to helping families in need of temporary or permanent placement for their children. If you think foster care may be the right choice for your family, apply to be a foster parent with A World For Children to learn more about our services, training requirements, and more. By partnering with us, you can help give a child the bright future they deserve!

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