What is better than seeing the joy of Christmas on a child’s face?

Many of our children have not only never had a Merry Christmas, they have faced some of their greatest trauma at Christmas time. Children should be able to experience the magic of Christmas and not think of it as a terrifying time of year. In partnership with our donors, we work to provide these children with what may be their first Christmas experience ever. Not only is each child invited to a Christmas party with children from their region, they are each given at least one $50 gift based on a personal wish list they provide to their case manager, as well as a $50 Wal-Mart gift card provided by AWFC. We also have themed parties in each of our offices, complete with a meal and a visit from Santa. Christmas costs $150 per child.

Your donation will be used for one or more of the following:

  • Child Wish List - Gifts for the children
  • Christmas Party for the children


“I just asked Santa for a Doc McStuffins doctor set and IT’S HEREEEEEE!!! He MUST be the REAL Santa!” – Hallie, age 6

Be the one who puts a smile on one of our children’s precious faces. Our parties start right after Thanksgiving and we have already started our shopping and preparations.

Your help is needed as soon as possible

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