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Statistics show that foster children are, on average, two grade levels behind in school. This is for a variety of reasons. They face instability with their biological families, they are moved from home to home when placed in the system, and they have no sense of self-worth or esteem. No one has ever given the encouragement and support they need to succeed. A World For Children is working with the parents to give these children hope and self-worth. Not only will they need the mental and emotional support provided by foster parents, they also do not need to have to worry about having used school supplies or clothes that other kids will make fun of. They need to be able to start the scool year with a fresh start – a new pair of shoes, a first day outfit, and a binder that doesn’t have someone else’s name scratched out on it. At the beginning of each year, we like to give them a little extra boost – $100 toward back-to-school clothes costs and $50 toward back-to-school supplies.


Foster children are, on average, two grade levels behind in school. Nationally, only 40% of foster children graduate from high school. A World For Children is excited to share that 100% of the seniors we serve graduated last year. We believe that education is one of the foundational building blocks to a successful future for children and that this focus by staff and parents has led to our seniors obtaining their degree.
Ashleigh Wilkes, Executive Director

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