11/27/2018 Russ Fulgham

All The Extras

Shines with all the Extras

Our Children….

Fiesta TexasMany of our children have never been out of their county, spent the night in a hotel with a swimming pool or gone to a theme park.  AWFC takes  all our families and children to FIESTA TEXAS on the 4th Saturday of June. We provide help with gas, hotels and  a fabulous picnic on the grounds of Fiesta Texas.  Each year we purchase 1300 to 1800 tickets to the park,  AWFC t-shirts for everyone, parking passes, lunch and game souvenirs.  The smiles and giggles from the kids makes one’s heart grow huge and eyes tear up.  One little boy  came up to staff and said, “this is the best  day of my  whole life!” This event costs AWFC approximately $80,000 and is worth every penny.  Seeing the sea of  blue t-shirts reminds each child they are not the only one in care and what a great subject to write about on their first day back to school!

Launch Camp Instilling the importance of education and preparation for independent living are crucial for teens to overcome failure and reach out for success in their future.  With this in mind, AWFC has created a Launch Program with the highlight being the 4 day Launch Camp. Taking all our 14-18+ teens to camp each year has really made an impact; for the past 4 years 100% of our seniors have graduated from high school. This is a big deal as the national average of foster teens graduating is only 40%. With a variety of topics and activities, Launch Camp creates a environment of respect, positivity, self esteem and acceptance.  This venture costs from $80,000 to $100,000.

Education: A Necessity –  Each fall our children are sent back to school with a big send off…. A party begins the hoopla with a celebration encouraging success. Additionally, each school aged child receives $100 to purchase a special first day of school outfit; we believe self esteem is important! Each child also receives a new backpack filled with brand new school supplies from donations by the agency. Beginning school on equal ground as the other children makes a big difference. Unfortunately there is a  price tag of approximately $80,000  attached…. Again worth every penny!

Jump Start – Many of our children come to us in the middle of the night and are often wrapped in a blanket with nothing… NOTHING! Because they often come with siblings, their immediate needs can be overwhelming to a family.  AWFC gives each family $150 per child to buy the immediate necessities—pjs, underwear, school clothes,  shoes,  car seats, diapers, etc. just to get them started. Placing approximately 1500 children a year at $150 per child, AWFC’s  outlay is $225,000. A hefty sum but an important one to help our families get a good “jump start” on providing the best care to our children.




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