Thursday, October 19, 2017 6:03 AM

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Zumba Takes Over San Antonio

Zumba Takes Over San Antonio

“Zumbathon – when you have fun dancing away the added fat as you dance to “80’s music dressed in leg warmers and neon colors.” Know that in San Antonio, last Saturday, a gigantic group of folks gathered to Zumba and help raise money and awareness for our AWFC children.  It looked so fun and my feet began tapping.  Although I didn’t have on any 80’s attire, I decided to take my new knee on a Zumba spin.   Whoa, suddenly my “good” knew began screaming with pain – my right knew apparently is jealous of all the attention the left knee is getting.  Anyway, I really tried– I wanted to shed the extra  weight  by dancing for a great cause.  Just know, it was not a pretty sight.  My spirit was willing, but my body just isn’t up to the mental fatigue.   My lack of rhythm really showed off and soon staff was leading me to my seat  ….

The Zumbathon that our San Antonio staff celebrated – was a great introduction to so many regarding  foster care.  We had a grand turnout.  The volunteers and staff really worked hard to gather this great crowd.  Thanks guys!


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