Thursday, October 19, 2017 6:03 AM

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Summer in "our World"

Just wanted you to know we are alive and well at AWFC.   We have survived the 3 digit temperature. We have had a busy summer across the State.  We kicked the summer off with Launch Camp – what a grand time everyone had.  Imagine keeping 100 teens entertained for 3 days.  There is a “blow by blow” description of all the events in our upcoming AWFC Newsletter (email if you want a copy – or check out our website – it will soon be up – 

Two weeks later we had a huge “family reunion” at Fiesta Texas – over 1700 of our family show up sporting our green AWFC t-shirts.  What a fabulous experience for our AWFC kids- we all gather in the Picnic Grove at Fiesta for lunch and fun activities.  The Picnic Grove is quite a site – our AWFC families from across the state join our staff at Fiesta – wow!  Giving our children a magical day makes everyone’s heart smile.

Following that adventure, our parents and staff who serve special needs children gathered in Dallas on July 25 to learn from a variety of experts in the field.  Our great community partners gathered with our Dallas team to create an awesome event – truly our foster parents are “out of this world”.  Leslie – you did it again with your fabulous space theme.  A big “thank you” to Scottish Rites Hospital – they donated their facility for the event – what a gorgeous venue.  Over 200 guests attended.

August soon arrived and we began focusing on “back to school”.  Education is so vital to our kids in care –educational success is often the ticket out of the vicious cycle of abuse.  Our World works hard to ensure we prepare our youngsters to be ready for the new school year.  Many offices celebrate “back to school” with events for our families.  In addition AWFC provides most of the school supplies and backpacks for our kidos – that is a hefty expense for our families.  While our foster families purchase new school clothes, AWFC provides a $100 for each school age child to help with clothing.  We want them to have the latest tennis shoes, or a “can’t live without outfit” – this allows the foster parents to splurge on something our kids really want.   Creating a positive attitude to begin school is very important.

With the ringing of school bells across the State, our children/teens are ready to prepare themselves to “reach their dreams” as they walk into the adult world. 

A tremendous “thank you” to the communities and friends of AWFC who make all these summer adventures and activities possible.  As you can imagine – all of this is very expensive.  We are blessed as God provides through His wonderfully blessed “children”!



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