Thursday, October 19, 2017 6:00 AM

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Launching Dreams

Launching Dreams

Launching Dreams…wow- what fun!  Picking back up on our Launch Camp, we had exciting activities. Our theme this year was GAME ON which focused on the game of life.  Complete with new t-shirts daily, we experience life in lots of fun activities.   Swimming, ropes course activities, scavenger hunts, tailgating mixed with dancing, arts and crafts, panel and an inspirational talk by “Mr. Cho-co-latte” coming to camp from California.

In addition to these events, other adventures included a GAME ON  Carnival:  a runway filled with a big smattering of games, a bearded lady, a clown complete with balloon animal creations, a real magician, Madame LaRue – a fortune teller brought directly from the streets of New Orleans, a mimist, and many other sights too numerous to mention.  The evenings were filled with game  shows, magic shows, black light fun, warm cookies snacks and the list goes on. (Check our upcoming newsletter for more information.  Tune back in soon to more fun our AWFC youth had at a recent trip to Fiesta, Texas……

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