Thursday, October 19, 2017 6:02 AM

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Launch Camp why we do it...

AWFC dedicates much attention to our teens,  who will soon emancipate from foster care and enter the “real world.”  These youth will face a bleak future, with limited assistance, without some type of intervention.  Our staff and foster parents work diligently trying to prepare them for this next hurdle.  We have developed a LAUNCH program in which our case managers and foster families focus on working with the youth to develop life skills, such as budgeting, preparing meals, applying to colleges and/or for employment, potentially finding a trade school, driving, securing necessary documentation, etc.

In order to help our youngsters to really reach out and embrace this information, AWFC has created a summer LAUNCH Camp that all our teens from 15 to 18+ are invited to attend.   This 4 day camp is quite an experience and is unique to A World For Children.  Since the beginning of the camp three years ago, our teens have embraced this experience.  One of our teens who had attended camp previously was on the road to adoption.  He stated, “I want to postpone my adoption date so that I can go to Launch camp this summer” – what a compliment.

What is LAUNCH camp?  It is four days, packed with a variety of activities including motivational  and inspirational speakers, life skill training, team building and a host of fun camp activities.  One of our first goals is to teach teens to dream – without confidence to dream it is hard to reach higher than your current existence.  Every year we teach our children to dream and give them the tools to make these dreams come true.  Stay tuned for my next post with details of our carnival, game show, etc…….

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