Thursday, October 19, 2017 6:01 AM

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God's Gift to us.....

God’s Gift to us…..

God’s Gift to us…..

Sometimes we grow weary with all the “weeds” we must handle when working in foster care.  At the administrative level, we deal with the challenges and sometimes we need to be reminded of what our World really does.

Last Sunday we were invited by one of our foster families to come speak at their church.  We love to spread the work of our mission.  So we hopped in the car and headed to Aspermont – yes it is in Texas outside of Abilene – way outside!  As you can imagine in such a small town, there was a small church – Central Baptist Church pastored by Robby Harris.  We were graciously welcomed and sat back getting ready for our small part of the service.   Our foster parents, Debra and Don Nail had mentioned that they had two girls who wanted to do a special song.  They decided to do it before we talked because they were so nervous.  So Camrynn, 8, and Maci, 11, stood and began their song with a video playing in the background.  They sang “The Little Girl” by John Michael Montgomery.   This brought tears to everyone in the congregation.  The girls had heard this song on the radio and ran to their foster mom and said “that is our story – we lived that life”.  For those of you who are not familiar, this song and video focus on the life of a little girl who lived in the world of horrendous abuse.  The mom was hooked on drugs. The dad used alcohol and stayed gone most of the time as his escape.  They fought continually and the little girl would hide behind the couch to stay out of the line of fire.  After the little girl was removed from the violence, she went to church for the first time and there she saw a picture of Jesus.  She walked up and said I know this man – who is he?  She was told “this is Jesus”- our Lord and Savior.  She said “when I hide behind the couch, he would come and hold me.  He was so gentle and so kind.  I know him – I just never knew his name.”  After the service the girls told us that they wanted to tell the congregation ”this was our story and those folks (AWFC), pointing to Paul and Sharon, had found a wonderful new mommy and daddy for them.   Would you please help them so other children like us can be rescued?” 

You can imagine the how the spirit fell on all of us – out of the mouth of babes-  we forgot all the challenges and our passion was renewed in the continuing  fight to save God’s special children.

And for the REST THE STORY – these two little girls and their three brothers will soon be adopted by Debra and Don Nail. The next time you hear criticism of foster parents and the foster care system, remember this event which represent the story of so many children – we do make a difference and you can too.

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