Thursday, October 19, 2017 6:00 AM

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FIESTA, TEXAS…a fabulous day in the sun

FIESTA, TEXAS…a fabulous day in the sun
Summer in our World has been very busy.  In addition to Launch Camp for our teens, our entire World congregated in San Antonio   for an exciting adventure at Fiesta, Texas.  Many of our children/youth have never been out of their county much less gone a weekend vacation.  We want them to experience all the fun associated with a “vacation.”  Besides the grand day, they get to spend the night in a hotel, go swimming in a hotel pool AND become a “regular” child as they enjoy a grand day at a theme park.  Many families take this opportunity to experience San Antonio by visiting the Alamo, the river walk and/or the zoo.   When our youngsters begin school, they can join in on the conversation with the other children as they talk about their summer fun.  Also when the teacher asks them to write about their summer vacation, they don’t have to shuffle around with nothing to write.  This event “keeps on giving” in their lives. 
When we go to Fiesta, we do it right – we had over 1600 folks at Fiesta wearing our bright red Fiesta Shirts.  We take all our families including biological and adopted children.  We expect our families to take care of our foster children just like they do their own children.  So we reciprocate – this is a family event.  We all gather in the picnic pavilion to enjoy food and fellowship for the lunch hour.  This is another way of helping our kids in care to  know they are not the only child in this situation.  One of our little boys described it best when he said “this is the best day of my whole life.”
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