Thursday, October 19, 2017 6:03 AM

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Summer in "our World"

Just wanted you to know we are alive and well at AWFC.   We have survived the 3 digit temperature. We have had a busy summer across the State.  We kicked the summer off with Launch Camp – what a grand time everyone had.  Imagine keeping 100 teens entertained for 3 days.  There is a “blow by blow” description of all the events in our upcoming AWFC Newsletter (email if you want a copy – or check out our website – it will soon be up – 

Two weeks...

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God's Gift to us.....

God’s Gift to us…..

God’s Gift to us…..

Sometimes we grow weary with all the “weeds” we must handle when working in foster care.  At the administrative level, we deal with the challenges and sometimes we need to be reminded of what our World really does.

Last Sunday we were invited by one of our foster families to come speak at their church.  We love to spread the work of our mission.  So we hopped in the car and headed to Aspermont...

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FIESTA, TEXAS…a fabulous day in the sun

Summer in our World has been very busy.  In addition to Launch Camp for our teens, our entire World congregated in San Antonio   for an exciting adventure at Fiesta, Texas.  Many of our children/youth have never been out of their county much less gone a weekend vacation.  We want them to experience all the fun associated with a “vacation.”  Besides the grand day, they get to spend the night in a hotel, go swimming in a hotel pool AND become a “regular” child as they enjoy a grand day at ...
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Launching Dreams

Launching Dreams…wow- what fun!  Picking back up on our Launch Camp, we had exciting activities. Our theme this year was GAME ON which focused on the game of life.  Complete with new t-shirts daily, we experience life in lots of fun activities.   Swimming, ropes course activities, scavenger hunts, tailgating mixed with dancing, arts and crafts, panel and an inspirational talk by “Mr. Cho-co-latte” coming to camp from California.

In addition to thes...

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Launch Camp why we do it...

AWFC dedicates much attention to our teens,  who will soon emancipate from foster care and enter the “real world.”  These youth will face a bleak future, with limited assistance, without some type of intervention.  Our staff and foster parents work diligently trying to prepare them for this next hurdle.  We have developed a LAUNCH program in which our case managers and foster families focus on working with the youth to develop life skills, such as budgeting, preparing meals, applying to co...

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Welcome to AWFC

The staff at A World For Children, a private foster care agency in Texas, is delighted to launch its new website.  Please go to our new website at to find out about exciting things that are happening in our world.  A World For Children is blessed to serve God’s special children – those who have been abused and/or neglected.

Recently, the news has been reporting that children are flooding our borders, seeking refuge from unbelievable a...

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