Thursday, October 19, 2017 6:03 AM

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Why are we Running?

It is our mission to teach all of the youth we serve, especially our teens, to learn to dream and focus on the means of reaching that dream.  Many of the children we serve have faced such extreme obstacles in life that they have gone into a survival mode and just “get by.”  They never think that they can be something; they believe that is reserved for others, not foster kids.  We say, “No!”  It is their time to shine and we are the ones that are going to lead them to that end.  The proceeds of this event will go to our summer camp, which is designed to motivate, inspire and train our teens to make a new life for themselves and to stop the cycle of abuse. 
The run helps support the Launch Program.  L.A.U.N.C.H!” stands for 
Learn, Adjust, 
Unite, Navigate, Citizenship, Honor and is a two-part program – (1) train and work 
with staff and foster parents to wrap services around youth, so that they can remain in 
the least restrictive, stable placements, and (2) work with youth to empower them to be
ready to leave care, with a plan and skills to make that plan a reality.
For the first goal, equipping foster parents and staff to work with teens, AWFC has given foster parents and staff extensive training on committing to work with foster teens long-term.  There is a focus on helping foster parents fully understand where the kids come from and why they behave as they do.  This helps them know how to deal with these behaviors.   

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