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Foster Care Program

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Foster Care Program

Services include basic and therapeutic foster care, habilitative care, care for children with primarily medical needs, mental retardation, emotional disorders, Pervasive Developmental Disorders, transitional living, emergency placements, and respite. Foster Care Services include the provision of ongoing care in a family setting. Often, foster families are able to keep sibling groups together regardless of the child’s level of service.
Foster care services include, but are not limited to:

• Nurturing, structure and daily training

  • • Positive reinforcement of child’s strengths and talents
  • • Life skill development
  • • Medical and Therapy services as necessary
  • • Psychiatric supervision of psychotropic medication
  • • Development of family relationship skills through positive family experiences
  • • Development of peer relationships through involvement in community activities (e.g., church youth groups, boy or girl scouts, sports leagues, drama and the arts) and networking with community resources to provide a continuum of care for specialized needs
  • • Educational services provided through local school system
  • • Wrap around services to meet individual needs of child/youth and/or foster parent

Adoption Program

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Some of our children who are receiving foster care services will become eligible for adoption after parental rights have been terminated. AWFC works with Child Protective Services in preparing a child for adoption and facilitating the adoption process. The benefits of fostering to adopt is that a child has been in the foster home for at least six months prior to the adoption being consummated, giving the child an opportunity to bond and connect with the family, remain connected with the school and community, and retain important relationships in a familiar family setting.


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A World For Children realized what was happening to youth that were emancipating from care.
At 18, the youth are deemed “adults” and are emancipated from the system. So many are far behind in school, have no idea how to secure a job or apply for vocational training and/or college, have no means of finding shelter, do not understand how to handle their finances, and many do not even have a driver’s license. They have no one to aid them in transitioning into adulthood. They were not prepared while in care and now have no hope when they leave care. As the statistics demonstrate, they turn to crime or end up living on the streets. It is not only a tragedy for the youth, it is a tragedy for our society. The cycle of abuse and poverty just continues and these broken youth become members of our prison population or on our streets. AWFC decided it was time to create a program to deal specifically with this serious problem. The program is called L.A.U.N.C.H!, which stands for Learn, Adjust, Unite, Navigate, Citizenship, Honor.
The L.A.U.N.C.H! Program is making a difference in three ways:


AWFC has presented four conferences with nationally-recognized experts to train our foster families, staff and community to better prepare our youth.

Launch Specialist

In addition to case managers, AWFC has L.A.U.N.C.H! Specialists, who work directly with staff to ensure that all teens 15+ master six modules: health, social/relationship, daily living, driving, employment/money management, and college/aftercare.

Launch Camp

AWFC had its 1st Annual Launch Camp last year, where our teens received training in life skills, listened to motivational speakers, met foster care alumni, and experienced a real camp.

Click here for the L.A.U.N.C.H.! Page

Bridging the Gap

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Back to School Needs

Statistics show that foster children are, on average, two grade levels behind in school. This is for a variety of reasons. They face instability with their biological families, they are moved from home to home when placed in the system, and they have no sense of self-worth or esteem. No one has ever given them the encouragement and support they need to succeed. A World For Children is working with the parents to give these children hope and self-worth. Not only will they need the mental and emotional support provided by foster parents, they also do not need to have to worry about having used school supplies or clothes that other kids will make fun of. They need to be able to start the school year with a fresh start – a new pair of shoes, a first day outfit, and a binder that doesn’t have someone else’s name scratched out on it. At the beginning of school each year, we like to give them a little extra boost - $100 toward back-to-school clothes costs and $50 toward back-to-school supplies.


Many of our children have not only never had a Merry Christmas, they have faced some of their greatest trauma at Christmas time. Children should be able to experience the magic of Christmas and not think of it as a terrifying time of year. In partnership with our donors, we work to provide these children with what may be their first Christmas experience ever. Not only is each child invited to a Christmas party with children from their region, they are each given at least one $25 gift based on a personal wish list they provide to their case manager, as well as a $50 Wal-Mart gift card provided by AWFC.

Summer Adventure

Most of the children we serve have never been out of the town in which they were born, much less stayed at a hotel or visited an amusement park. In an effort to expose our children to a fun-filled summer, we have a Summer Adventure at Fiesta Texas. Siblings that were separated for placement can come back together and enjoy the day with one another. Additionally, our kids get to have many first time experiences - a first trip outside their town, a first trip to a hotel, with a swimming pool. Some of them have never even had as simple of an experience as swimming in a pool. Every year, we are amazed at the stories we are told about the children’s reaction to this event. They have been through so much and deserve to cast their “adult-size” worries aside and just be a child for a day.

Jump Start

Children come into our world with nothing but the clothes on their backs and the scars of abuse. So many times they are removed from school or during the middle of the night. They have no tangible possessions. In order to just survive the next day, there are certain items the children simply must have. The cost of immediate minimum needs are not covered. To help “jump start” providing for their immediate needs, the foster family is given $150 per child upon placement. These funds allow the foster parent to go out that night and buy the kids clothes for school the next day, pajamas for that night, a toothbrush, a car seat, diapers, etc.


Most Can Only Imagine

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Imagine fostering in a “World” where when something glorious or something tragic happens in life, knowing without a doubt that your entire agency, regardless of office locations in the state, will be the first ones standing beside you to help celebrate or the last ones holding you up until you again regain the strength to stand alone. Imagine fostering in a “World” and seeing a child’s expression when he/she lays their eyes upon Santa Claus for the first time, is nurtured and held for the first time, has someone beside them when they are sick to hold them for the first time, gets new clothing like their friends at school have for the first time and so importantly, has someone on the sidelines cheering them on telling them that they believe in them for the very first time in their lives. Imagine fostering in a ‘World” where the Founders tell their staff/families daily to make sure the children’s/families needs are fulfilled and to call them personally, day or night if we need their help in making this happen. More importantly, imagine that when their families and staff do call them day and night…the Founders actually do answer their phones the first time they ring. In “Our World”, we are taught everyday that God will bless our efforts as long as we put Him first and take care of His children… so that’s what we do and that’s who we are!!!
AWFC is committed to making the “impossible… possible”, no matter what it takes.
A World For Children is unlike any other agency in this “World”. The philosophy is simple…put God first, love and embrace one another and take care of His children… no matter how high the mountain is you must climb or how low the valley is you must travel…help one another, be kind to everyone and never leave one child unattended too. We are a family and we know without a doubt that we can and do make a difference. We know that our efforts and long hours are appreciated and we know without any doubt in this “World” that together as one family…we are the BEST there is at….
Changing the World….One Child at a Time.

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