Thursday, October 19, 2017 5:57 AM

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The El Paso office of A World For Children is ALL ABOUT GROWTH! We are an enthusiastic staff, always striving for growth in ourselves, our foster parents, and our kids! We understand that it takes VERY special individuals and VERY special families to open their hearts and homes to children who have suffered abuse and/or neglect. Our mission as an agency is to provide unwavering and unlimited support to our foster families so that they can make a REAL difference in the lives of our foster children. Whether it be brainstorming about how to best handle a difficult behavior, helping out with taking a child to an appointment, when a foster parent has to be in two places at once, or just being there to share in the big moments in a child's life, our calling is to help foster parents succeed in their calling.
We have embraced the family atmosphere that is present at all A World For Children offices in the State of Texas, and believe that one of the keys to success is always keeping a positive approach. We'll never pass up an opportunity to praise a child, praise a foster parent, or praise each other! We're located in the big white building behind Applebee's near the airport. Please come by and say hello!

1760 Airway Blvd. Ste 102 • El Paso, Texas 79925 • Phone: (915) 781-3330 • Toll Free: (866) 810-3330 • Fax: (915) 781-3332

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2007 Sam Bass Road,  Bldg. 2Round Rock, TX 78681 • Toll Free: 888-579-3880 • Phone: 512-218-4400 • Fax: 512- 218-8167