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Brownwood had its humble beginning in 2002, with only two staff working out of their homes serving Regions 2 and 9. In 2003, our first two room office was opened. At that time, Brownwood was AWFC’s smallest office with staff that had “BIG” dreams. Eleven years later, Brownwood has grown to be AWFC’s largest office with 20 staff and branch offices in San Angelo and Abilene. Brownwood prides themselves in taking care of their families and children and offering wrap-around services that compare with no other in the state. The Brownwood staff has built their reputation through long hours and hard work to ensure our families and children have their needs met at all times. We are very focused on enhancing our wrap-around services and were the first AWFC office to create the L.A.U.N.C.H! Program, which focuses on preparing our teens for independent living once out of care.
Brownwood believes in and embraces our founder’s philosophy of putting God first by doing the right thing and treating others with love and respect at all times. We understand that we would not be where we are today without God’s grace and quality foster parents who are willing to make tremendous sacrifices in their own lives so that our children can experience a better life than they have known. Brownwood is AWFC’s “little rural office” that believes the “impossible is possible” and we are determined to prove it. We would love to add to our family and are always searching for quality foster parents that are willing to open their hearts and homes to our children. We stand beside our families, train them, and wrap our hearts and services around them. To those families who are willing to help “save the world…one child at a time,” please call the Brownwood office at 325-641-1055 and talk to us about fostering, playing, and praying in our World.
We also work at partnering in our community. In addition to fostering, there are many other avenues available to serve our children. We appreciate the Brownwood Community, which has joined hands with us in providing the most phenomenal Christmas parties, have helped make our Launch Camp a smashing success and has support our children by being respite providers and volunteers in our many endeavors. Also, we value the many hours of prayer that have helped in so many varied situations.

1200 Central Blvd  A-10  Brownsville, TX 78520 • Phone: 325 - 641-1055 • Toll Free: 888 - 641-1055 • Fax: 325 - 641-1077

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2007 Sam Bass Road,  Bldg. 2Round Rock, TX 78681 • Toll Free: 888-579-3880 • Phone: 512-218-4400 • Fax: 512- 218-8167