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A World for Children Corporate Office

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In a society filled with violence, drug use and declining family values, many Texas children and youth often fall victim to a  dysfunctional  family unit, which sometimes involves abuse and/or neglect.  Much negative publicity surrounds Texas’ foster care program because so much media attention is focused problems with the program.
A World For Children was created in 1997 to provide therapeutic  services to Texas’ most  vulnerable population – children/youth who have been removed from their homes because of issues of abuse and/or neglect.  Paul Willis, Sharon Willis and Rebecca Allen have devoted these many years to creating a safe haven for these  youth and providing for their needs through foster care.
With intense training for foster families and staff, A World For Children has developed into a premier agency. The focus has always been on surrounding our families and children with  individualized wrap around services and normalization for our children in care.
The founders of AWFC created, nurtured and built an agency based on integrity, honesty, fiscal responsibility and always putting the needs of children in care first.  We are proud our staff and families keep focused on the needs of each individual child.
Paul, Sharon and Rebecca began the agency and have continued to guide the agency .  Paul Willis, Ph.D. and  President of AWFC,  began his career in education and rose through the ranks to become Superintendent of Schools in a number of school districts.  This background has proven valuable in  working with children and families and steering the finances of AWFC onto a firm platform.  Sharon Willis, Ed. D. and Executive Director of AWFC,  also began her career in education serving as a teacher, counselor and administrator.  This background has prepared her to assist in developing programs to provide for children’s needs and work with families in ensuring their commitment to children and our World.  Rebecca Allen, LCSW, Statewide Administrator and Program Director oversees all the programs in the 14 statewide offices of AWFC.  Rebecca began her career in foster care and has always maintained the emphasis of keeping children safe and providing the important services to help youth become emotionally and physically secure.  Our administrative staff began with these three administrators.
As well qualified business manager, Brenda Fogle leads the finance team in maintaining all financial records. Each yearly audit by an individual auditor attest to the quality of all our financial support team.
Because of the many legal issues that can arise in this size organization, Ashleigh Wilkes, JD, has joined A World For Children as General Counsel. In addition, she performs the duties of a grant writer and event planner.
Andrew Stegall is our placement director. He and Ronda Hoag, placement coordinator, are especially skilled in matching a child’s needs with the special skills of our foster families.
Debbie Stacks oversees the extensive file management of the 10,000 youth, who have entered our World, as well as our foster families. She also supports the Administrative Assistants in our many offices.
Russ Fulgham is our IT Director and keeps all our computers and  communication up and running throughout the 14 offices. Our Database Specialist, Jon Leggett, has revolutionized our database system and we believe it to be the best in the State.
Our Human Resource Specialist is Thelma DeLaRosa. She oversees the records of our 100+ employees,  as well as other accounting duties.  Denise Lippe, Angela Klinkerman, Cathy Machoni and Liz Cole also are a vital  part of the accounting team.

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2007 Sam Bass Road,  Bldg. 2Round Rock, TX 78681 • Toll Free: 888-579-3880 • Phone: 512-218-4400 • Fax: 512- 218-8167