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A World For Children’s corporate headquarters remain in Round Rock, where the company began in 1997. The agency began very humbly, with just a few staff and great dreams. Though the footprint of A World For Children now extends across the State, we still take great pride in ensuring that the staff and families feel the closeness found in a “mom and pop” business. This family mentality should not, however, be confused with inefficiency or lack of sophistication in the business world.
A World For Children has an accounting team, parallel to no other, ensuring that every dollar that is received from the State or generous donors is accounted for and spent to benefit the children, not administrative expenses. Our IT staff has developed an original database for A World For Children, which keeps all information up to date and ensures easy accessibility. A World For Children has its own child placing unit, which ensures that child placements are appropriate for both the family and the child. This focus to detail and the in-depth knowledge of families and their homes allows children to remain in their placement, reducing instability for the children we serve and promising success for our families.
The administration team has been in the child placing business for many years and were the founders of A World For Children in 1997. Since the founding of the agency, their drive has never changed – making a difference in the lives of children. With their vast experience and knowledge of the industry, each day, this dream becomes a reality.

1516 E. Palm Valley Blvd , Bldg. C Suite 3, Round Rock, TX 78664 • Toll Free: 888-579-3880 • Phone: 512-218-4400
Fax #'s: Main: 512-218-8167 • Intake: 512-733-8441 • Accounting: 512-218-8170 • Foster Home Records: 512-733-2187
Brenda: 512-218-3940




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2007 Sam Bass Road,  Bldg. 2Round Rock, TX 78681 • Toll Free: 888-579-3880 • Phone: 512-218-4400 • Fax: 512- 218-8167